Fruitful Cooperation on the Management of the Ecological Corridor of Amazonian ecosystems

At our last meeting, we agreed on introducing the firm measures to ensure the efficient management of the AVIRE VRAEM Biosphere Reserve. Moreover, SERFOR, SERNANP, NOR VRAEM, and the Consortium of the Biosphere Reserve AVIRE VRAEM implemented actions that will lead to the establishment of strategic partnerships. These partnerships are supposed to contribute to the further achievement of the objectives of the chosen model. The highest priority belongs to the recovery of degraded ecosystems, preservation of the biodiversity for the provision of ecosystem services, climate change adaptation actions, scientific research, and the establishment of Private Conservation Areas and the Ecological Corridor of Amazonian ecosystems with Manu Biosphere Reserve, AVIRE VRAEM and OXAPAMPA – ASHANINKA – YANESHA. The further actions aim to strengthen the efficient land management strategy for the environment of the biosphere reserve.

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